How to Kiss a Man Review

How to Kiss a Man to Make Him Fall in Love

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Mark Your Territory

Your man needs to know that you claim him for your own by marking your territory. There are two specific methods you can use to achieve this: the triangle method and sucking.

The triangle method involves kissing in a triangular formation starting with a small kiss and teasing on the lips. From the lips, move onto his cheek in a playful manner. From the cheek, move onto his neck, and at this point you can bite the skin a little bit to draw him in. To complete your full triangle, you can go back to kissing on the lips.

Once you’ve mastered the art of kissing in triangle formation, sucking is next on the list. While kissing his lip, make sure to suck and bite gently. This act isn’t just sensual, but truly arousing for men.

Use Plenty Of Body Pressure

Kissing is meant as a turn on, but you can add the cherry on top by pressing your body against his and using plenty of pressure. Your breasts pressed against his body is great for arousal and once again wins you bonus points. If you ever get the urge to use your hands, know that it further turns men on as it’s seen as a form of restraint, making him want to chase you more. In the end, it’s all about getting what you want.

Rotate Your Head Frequentlymichael fiore review

The position of your head during a kissing session can be the difference between a real sexual connection and one left cold. Many women tilt their heads to the side and maintain the same position throughout the kiss. It’s​ not only boring, but it makes a man feel like you’re wooden and unwilling to explore your desires. Try tilting your head regularly in different directions and let him have the fun.

Let Him Initiate The Kiss

Sometimes, what really makes a man want you more is letting him think he’s in control. Allow your man to initiate the kiss and give him time to explore your domain. Of course, your lips and playful biting should respond to his urgent kisses and make it a fun exchange.

Don’t Leave Him Cold

One of the most important things for women to understand is that using the above kissing methods will lead to arousal. In short, you really need to consider your intentions before leading him on. Letting your man have a hot and heavy make out session with you only to turn him down in the bedroom will shed negative light on you.

With these kissing tips in hand, the man in your life is guaranteed to fall in love with you. Remember that practice makes perfect, so the more you kiss, the better you’ll get. Just remember your intentions and bear in mind that certain methods are seen as foreplay!