What to Know About Wine

Wine drinkers are a unique type of people that understand just how special wines really are. You don’t have to be a full-fledge wine collector to enjoy drinking this delicious beverage.

If you want to get the most from your wine experience it is recommended that you learn as much about wine as possible and this includes words used when talking about wines. All lovers of wine, or Oenophilia as they are referred to by many, should know as much as possible about the wine they love.

Below is a list of words to know about wines and their meanings.

Body – When you talk about the body of the wine you are referring to how the wine feels when you take a drink and hold it in your mouth. One way to describe it is by saying it feels heavy or light.

Aroma – The way that a wine smells is called the aroma or some people refer to it as bouquet. You will see wine tasters smelling the wine before they taste it. This way they will be able to smell the spices, fruit and other ingredients used to make the wine. The purpose of swirling the wine in the glass enhances the aroma of the wine allowing you to get the full benefits of the smell. Enjoying the smell of the wine is a big part of enjoying all that wine has to offer.

Color – The color of the wine is a very important factor that allows you to have an idea of the quality of the wine before you even taste or smell it. When you have a wine that has a pale white or a clear yellow or red tent to it, then you are looking at a wine that has not matured for very long. The more mature wines are a darker red or a gold color.

Alcohol – The alcohol is the percentage of alcohol that is present in the wine when the sugar from the grapes is fermented during the winemaking process. Red wines range between eleven to fourteen percent alcohol and the white wines range between nine and fourteen percent.

Acidity – The acidity in the wine is the level of tartness found in wine and it is a natural component of wine.

Barrel – The barrel is simply the small wooden barrel that is used for the aging and fermenting of certain wines. These are made from oak trees.

This is just a few of the words associated with wine but it is enough to give you an idea of what a difference this type of knowledge can make for someone that loves wine.

One of the main benefits you can enjoy by obtaining this knowledge about wines is that it will allow you to choose your wines better. You will have the ability to look at a wine and decide if it is something that you would like to try. Good wine cellar cooling goes a long way toward this.